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Packing and Storage Services

A Change of Place Movers provides a full range of packing and storage services. We can pack and unpack for you, shrink wrap as required, or you can do your own packing, shrink wrapping, and unpacking to save money.

We also have a full range of packing supplies, competitively priced, (see below for pricing). If you contract with us, and give us your order for supplies, we will deliver these supplies prior to your move, if you are doing your own packing. Depending on what is to be moved, we will be able to estimate the required supplies, that you will need.

If you do your own packing, you should review our packing and moving tips. These tips are not all inclusive, however, they will give you a good starting point.

We can also arrange for all your storage needs, if your new address is not ready for your move, or you need to delay your delivery. See below for storage pricing.

Packing Supply Pricing
Storage Pricing
Small (1.5) $1.75/ea
Climate Control
Medium (3.0) $2.50/ea
10 x 10 ft.
Large (4.5) $3.00/ea
10 x 20 ft.
Dish Pack $5.50/ea
Mini Storage
Wardrobe (24'') $14.00/ea
10 x 10 ft
Paper $14.00/5lbs
10 x 20 ft
Tape $2.50/roll
10 x 30 ft
Bubble Wrap $23.50/150ft
10 x 40 ft
Free Delivery on local orders greater than $50.00. Also, when finished packing, if you have boxes left over, we will buy them back.
First month prorated. No partial months after first month.

Please use the feedback form here to send us your contact information, and/or a brief message, so that we may contact you regarding any supplies and storage needs, that you may have. Your contact information will only be used to phone or email answers to your questions. We do not share your information with anyone.