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A Change of Place Movers provides free estimates at no obligation to any potential customer. We will work with the customer to provide the lowest possible rates and recommend the best rate structure to fit your requirements. Depending on the customer desires, we can bid the job at a firm flat rate price with written commitment, at hourly rates, or provide an estimate based on what the customer wants moved, (See rate structure - next). Most estimates can be done by FAX or Phone. If preferred, A Change of Place Movers representative will come to your home or business for a visual inspection and discussion of the move at no cost or obligation to you. If you have a FAX, we can FAX to you a "House Hold Inventory List" which you can fill out and FAX back, or you can download the "House Hold Inventory List", fill it out, and FAX it to A Change of Place Movers at (804) 642-1404, requesting a quote/estimate.

Rate Structure

Hourly Rate: The hourly rate is determined by the number of movers, times the hourly rate, to complete the move. You are charged for the actual hours worked plus applicable travel charges. A minimum charge does apply. Rates and items to be moved are pre-determine and never inflated on moving day. We consider our hourly rates very reasonable.

Flat Rate: The flat rate is determined by information in a pre-move survey and includes packing and/or moving items you specifically stated. It is a firm quote regardless of the number of hours or men needed to complete the job. The amount is binding between you and the mover. Additional charges may apply for additional items and/or services, or for any excessive time delays caused by you during the move process. Our flat rates are pre-determined between the customer and mover and never inflated on moving day, unless you add-on or request additional services not previously agreed on.

Estimates: An estimate for moving services can (in most cases) be done over the phone with proper information given. Using the "House Hold Inventory List", you can go to each room of your house or business to make a list of items to be moved by the movers. Then call us with your list (757-871-5744) or Fax the list to us at 804-642-1404. As long as you don't misquote what you want moved, or change the list of items at a later date to add-on additional items or services, then our estimate will be exactly what was quoted over the phone and will not be inflated on moving day. Packing estimates will normally require visual inspection and can't be done via phone.

If you provide us with your contact information, using the below form, we can also contact you to discuss your moving needs, if you prefer. Your contact information will only be used to phone or email answers to your questions. We do not share your information with anyone.